Augment or replace existing WAN connections, increasing privacy, security and flexibility while diminishing cost.

The Challenge

WAN traffic is continuing to grow over 200 percent yearly. At the same time, MPLS bandwidth pricing, unlike decreasing cloud pricing, has remained relatively constant, further supporting the shift to SD-WAN solutions. Purchasing lower-cost bandwidth is a great way to handle the rise in overall WAN traffic without breaking the bank.

SD-WAN solutions have revolutionized how commercial and government entities manage their enterprise networks. While SD-WAN solutions have made the enterprise’s use of their WAN more efficient, it has not solved some of the fundamental performance, privacy and security issues.

Leased lines are fixed, static and easily located, making an easy target for cyber attack. They limit the ability to meet bandwidth demands elastically … and they are expensive.

NetAbstraction’s Response:

  • Augment or replace your existing MPLS circuits.
  • Protect communications with next-generation enterprise VPNs.
  • Increase privacy and security for your enterprise SD-WAN solution of choice.

The Solution

NetAbstraction provides a carrier-class NetProtect that protects your identity and provides additional security for your communications on the internet and in the cloud.

NetAbstraction’s patented design obscures and varies network pathways while protecting customer identities and systems via implementation of Software-Defined Network (SDN) virtualization across multiple providers.


  • Disguise and protect network communications by reducing your organization’s attack surface.
  • Improve performance with intelligent network routing decisions.
  • Significantly reduce overall network expenditure, and associated implementation and maintenance costs.
  • Increase agility and create redundancy – dynamically shift network connections on a global basis, within and across multiple providers.
  • Manage your network and data with complete insight, access and control.

The Components of NetAbstraction

NetAbstraction effectively hides your enterprise’s network by transparently distributing the communications within and across multiple clouds.

NetAbstraction provides secure, varied and non-apparent network connectivity, with a range of identity management and persona attribution options to alter or reduce the cyber-attack profile of your network.

In addition, NetAbstraction augments the multi-layered security capabilities provided by the commercial cloud providers, including implementation of dynamic security policies to help ensure that malicious traffic is not allowed to enter the network.

Enterprise Connectivity with NetAbstraction

NetAbstraction Expertise

NetAbstraction’s extensive expertise is rooted in the U.S. Intelligence Community. Our backgrounds are in offensive and defensive cyber, protection of user identities, as well as innovative engineering to implement networks in support of clandestine communications. Building from a deep understanding of the state-of-the-art technologies, we innovate and provide next-generation privacy, identity protection and security capabilities.

We understand, first-hand, the challenges our customers face when meeting today’s cyber and privacy needs. NetAbstraction is uniquely designed to provide top-tier solutions for enterprise customers.

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