Secure sensitive data and host applications in a disguised fashion with controlled access
and non-traceable connectivity.
Provide protected, highly resilient, non-affiliated communications during crisis events.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge to migrating to the cloud has been security. Most enterprises protect their sensitive and mission-critical data through the implementation of isolated enclaves that are completely within their control.

With the shift towards cloud computing, enterprises need the capability to establish isolated networks within a cloud…network enclaves that securely bridge between clouds, and a network that spans between legacy data holdings and the cloud presence.

NetAbstraction’s Response:

  • Disguise and protect applications & data
  • Utilize identity-protected enclaves for collaboration & communication.
  • Enable crisis communications & business continuity networks.

Public/Private Cloud Agnostic

Protected Hosting

Disguise and protect applications and data. Utilize identity-protected enclaves for collaboration and communication.

NetEnclave is the integrated solution that provides enhanced security capabilities to isolate enterprise activities within any cloud framework, across commercial clouds, and/or legacy networks.

NetEnclave allows users to dynamically create dedicated networks and assign data storage within the cloud. This solution isolates enterprises from malicious software, insider threats and hostile entities.

Key Features:

  • Discrete acquisition of cloud infrastructure and hosting sites to lower your digital footprint.
  • Additional layers of virtualization and security in cloud-hosting environments.
  • Obfuscated connectivity to protected hosting sites.

How NetEnclave augments the security capabilities provided by cloud providers:

Provisions an additional layer of virtualization (abstraction) within the commercial cloud provider’s infrastructure to provide increased protection for the NetEnclave virtual servers.

Establishes centralized securities policies that are configured, pushed to and enforced across each virtual network.

What you can do with NetEnclave for Hosting:

  • Dynamically place any workload anywhere within or between data centers: Virtual Machines (VMs) can be in multiple L3 domains and still be on the same virtual network (same broadcast domain, L2 adjacency). NetEnclave™ enables enterprises to work seamlessly across any/all clouds.
  • Efficiently manage physical and virtual workloads: Connect both managed physical servers and VMs in the cloud to the same virtual network.
  • Provide multi-tenancy with full isolation: Create thousands of fully-isolated enclaves and virtual networks, with no VLANs.
  • Provide dynamic security for cloud deployments: Security policies are centrally configured, pushed to and enforced at the edge, and remain intact even as network topology changes and VMs move.
  • Provide simplified administration: Centralized, programmatic control of network service provisioning.

Crisis Communications

Enable crisis communications and business continuity networks.

How would you stay connected in the event of a cyber incident or natural disaster? In today’s fast-paced, connected environment, it is essential for executives and business units to be prepared to respond and quickly recover critical business functions.

Beyond protecting their systems, business executives must securely communicate as they investigate, remediate, and continue operations during cyber incidents, natural disasters or other unexpected business disruptions.

NetEnclave provides a completely out-of-band communications network, keeping enterprises connected even when infrastructure is unavailable or compromised. We leverage Tier 1 service-provider networks, so communications are always available and able to surge during crisis events.

How NetEnclave for Crisis Communications is unique

  • Provides a highly-redundant, high-availability private network with mobile access and global reach.
  • Includes a scalable architecture to support large-surge operations.
  • Leverages the NetAbstraction shared device service and dedicated infrastructure to compartmentalize user-communications activities.
  • Provides extensive operational protections and identity management tradecraft.
  • Includes superior network performance, industry application and domain expertise.

Key Features:

  • Acquisition of domestic and global IT infrastructure and services: Virtual Private Servers, Bandwidth, Cloud Hosting, Phone Services, Email, Text, Chat and File Sharing.
  • Equipment and procurement support: Provides you with resilient capabilities on an end-to-end basis.
  • Access management and mobile support: Ensures your key personnel have access to uncompromised communications capabilities.
  • Identity-protected communications: Disguises and protects your identity and location, and provides additional security protections so you can communicate with confidence.

NetAbstraction Expertise

NetAbstraction’s extensive expertise is rooted in the U.S. Intelligence Community. Our backgrounds are in offensive and defensive cyber, protection of user identities, as well as innovative engineering to implement networks in support of clandestine communications. Building from a deep understanding of the state-of-the-art technologies, we innovate and provide next-generation privacy, identity protection, and security capabilities.

We understand, first-hand, the challenges our customers face when meeting today’s cyber and privacy needs. NetAbstraction is uniquely designed to provide top-tier solutions for enterprise customers.

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