Securely conduct research online, examine threats and enable cyber activities
without attribution to you. Protect mobile communication devices & software.

The Challenge

Operating on the Internet creates a cyber threat to those who conduct discrete market research, business intelligence collection, or establish private or privileged communications channels. The simplest online activity leaves a “footprint”. Anyone using the Internet “unprotected” exposes their IP address and network identity.

This makes high-interest users such as law enforcement, financial institutions, commercial entities and national infrastructure providers a potential target. Many of the existing non-attribution systems don’t address geo-location footprint, use patterns or habits.

NetAbstraction’s Response:

  • Conduct malware-protected browsing and discreet online research.
  • Lower your cyber profile with OpenVPN-based solutions.
  • Protect mobile communications devices and software.

The Solution

NetAbstraction makes your business a difficult target for hackers, search engine optimization companies and adversaries by dynamically shifting network communications.

NetAbstraction does this by transparently distributing communications within and across multiple clouds and regularly churning the underlying network infrastructure.

This process obscures enterprise information, origination location and identity, and enables enterprises to confidently conduct secure business on the internet.

Key Features:

  • Interface agnostic: currently supporting OpenVPN, Lightweight Browser Plugin, Virtual Desktop and Custom User-Defined solutions.
  • Carrier-class network performance can enable lossless streaming video and real-time media.
  • Leverage multiple cloud providers for ingress and egress.


NetAbstraction is NOT a Proxy!

Ways to Connect

NetAbstraction provides user-protected access to the Internet, secure two-way communications, and protected hosting. NetAbstraction is only available to government and enterprise users, not private individuals. Users are able to connect to NetAbstraction through multiple methods:

  • Plug-in for malware-protected browsing

  • Software Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

  • Virtual Desktop solutions

  • NetAbstractionTS Mobile Device


Protect mobile communication devices & software.

NetAbstractionTS (Travel Secure) provides private and secure Internet access for all of your devices, without any software installation. If you can connect to Wi-Fi on your device, you can use NetAbstractionTS for secure, NetAccess for your traveling user. NetAbstractionTS provides access to our patented, privacy-protected, obfuscated network via a portable and easy-to-use wireless router solution that acts as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot device.


Protect Mobile Communication Devices & Software

Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, without any software installation

NetAbstractionTS addresses the need to:

  1. Privately protect/secure Internet access from any device and any location.
  2. Bypass vulnerable public Wi-Fi networks.
  3. Create private and protected communications channels to corporate resources and websites.
  4. Have protected Internet in your pocket and connect in seconds – no wires, no software, zero-touch deployment.
  5. Easily configure to support custom requirements and advanced configurations.

Key Differentiator: Obfuscation

NetAbstractionTS is not like any other wireless router solution that acts as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. The solution is built on our Network Privacy-as-a-Service platform, with unique privacy and security capabilities unlike any other wireless router on the market.

We can alter your identity and move you through the Internet without your transmission being intercepted.

NetAbstraction Protects Your Company, Network and Data

With NetAbstraction loaded on all devices, it doesn’t matter where your people are, or what they are working on.

NetAbstraction Expertise

NetAbstraction’s extensive expertise is rooted in the U.S. Intelligence Community. Our backgrounds are in offensive and defensive cyber, protection of user identities, as well as innovative engineering to implement networks in support of clandestine communications. Building from a deep understanding of the state-of-the-art technologies, we innovate and provide next-generation privacy, identity protection, and security capabilities.

We understand, first-hand, the challenges our customers face when meeting today’s cyber and privacy needs. NetAbstraction is uniquely designed to provide top-tier solutions for enterprise customers.

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