Identity Protected Internet Access

Operating on the Internet creates a cyber threat to those who conduct discrete market research, business intelligence collection, or establish private or privileged communications channels.  The simplest online activity leaves a “footprint”.  Anyone using the Internet “unprotected” exposes their IP address and network identity. This makes high-interest users such as law enforcement, financial institutions, commercial entities, and national infrastructure providers a potential target.  Many of the existing non-attribution systems don’t address geo-location footprint, use patterns, or habits.

The Solution

NetAbstraction makes your business a difficult target for hackers, search engine optimization companies, and adversaries by dynamically shifting network communications. NetAbstraction does this by transparently distributing communications within and across multiple clouds and regularly churning the underlying network infrastructure. This obscures enterprise information, origination location and identity, and enables customers to confidently conduct secure business on the Internet.

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NetAbstraction’s network provides identity and location protected access to the Internet & Dark Web.

Key Features:

  • Interface agnostic – currently supporting OpenVPN, Lightweight Browser Plugin, Virtual Desktop, Automated Collection, and Custom user-defined solutions
  • Carrier-class network performance can enable lossless streaming video and real-time media
  • Leverage multiple cloud providers for ingress and egress

NetAbstraction is NOT a Proxy!

Options to Connect

  • Lightweight Browser Plugin
  • OpenVPN
  • Virtual Desktop
  • Automated Collection
  • Custom user-defined interfaces

Malware Protected Browser & OpenVPN

  • One time use throw-away VM to compartmentalize browsing activity and prevent malware
  • User Management Dashboard provides granular end-user management, audit and reporting capabilities
  • Lossless streaming media in real-time: video, audio, and large file transfers both up and down, etc.
  • Software-based implementation and seamless user experience – virtually no training required
  • Range of geographic egress and persona options to disguise user identity, location, device, OS, browser, etc.