Next Generation Technology

for Network Privacy and Internet Identity Protection

How NetAbstraction is Used

NetAbstraction is the foundation for smart enterprise privacy. By transparently distributing network communications within and across multiple clouds and regularly churning the underlying network infrastructure, NetAbstraction effectively hides your enterprise’s network.

The dynamic shifting of communications across multiple commercial providers and use of multi-hop transport makes actual user information, origin location, and identities a nearly impossible target for hackers, search engine optimization companies, and other privacy threats to find.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Security. NetAbstraction inherently leverages all the security features and dynamic efficiency of SDN technology through commercial providers, further enhancing them through our patented implementation – “If they can’t find you, they can’t attack you!”™
  • Performance. NetAbstraction’s patented design enables the ability to make intelligent routing decisions through the network, providing carrier grade performance.
  • Agility. NetAbstraction dynamically shifts network pathways within and across multiple providers, in real-time, without impacting customer communications and performance. NetAbstraction is provider agnostic.
  • Privacy & Identity Management. NetAbstraction’s operational design is based on using non-affiliated infrastructure, disguised networks, and security protections.
  • Cost-Competitive. NetAbstraction’s network is delivered as a service overlaying your existing Internet broadband or WAN transport. NetAbstraction offers a subscription-based pricing model that is considerably more cost effective than traditional MPLS circuits and leased lines.

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