Meet your network performance needs with our unique
carrier-class security/privacy overlay.

If They Can’t Find You...They Can’t Attack You™

NetAbstraction is Unique

Enterprises want to reduce infrastructure and associated costs of existing data centers, dedicated lease lines and MPLS circuits, as well as optimize their next generation WAN alternative for performance, resilience, agility, privacy, and security.

NetAbstraction provides a patented, cloud-based service that proactively prevents cyber attacks by disguising and varying your network pathways.

Our Network Privacy platform disguises and protects your networks, communications, applications and data with unique obfuscation solutions.

Operate at carrier speed, reduce your cyber profile, save money, and implement quickly.

The Cyber Threat Is Real

Find out how NetAbstraction can protect you.

Why Choose NetAbstraction


Patented intelligent routing decisions enable low-latency performance and carrier-class speed.

Cost Savings

Significantly reduce WAN costs.
Save money by leveraging cost-effective Internet-based transport.

Privacy Protection and Network Security

Disguise, reduce and shift your organization’s attack surface before you become a target – if they can’t find you… they can’t attack you.

Interoperability & Scale

Provision new network connectivity in minutes. Seamlessly integrate with existing technology and security stacks.

Network Privacy

NetAbstraction is a Software Defined Network (SDN) Privacy-as-a-Service that hides and disguises your network by implementing a logical, dynamically-shifting carrier-class, Layer 2 network on top of commercial provider infrastructure and the Internet for transport.

It improves insight, access and control over your network and data. It seamlessly manages your network connections at scale with total network visibility.

Our Network Privacy platform augments or replaces current MPLS circuits, as well as integrates seamlessly with SD-WAN solutions by providing additional security to your WAN connection, that obfuscates the connection.

The NetAbstraction Solution

Learn how our Network Privacy Service succeeds

Who We Are

NetAbstraction protects identities and systems by intelligently selecting and obscuring global network pathways of the Internet.

Our company name, NetAbstraction, is derived from a very simple concept in the real world and in computer programming. Abstraction‘s main goal is to handle complexity by hiding unnecessary details from the user. Really simple – abstraction is hiding stuff! The philosophy of NetAbstraction, Inc. is to provide privacy and security to our customers’ network by protecting their identity.

Developed from roots in the U.S. Intelligence Community, NetAbstraction’s technology is born from our expertise in designing, creating and implementing non-traditional and non-attributable telecommunication networks in support of critical U.S. Intelligence Community missions.

Now, that same unparalleled technology is available to enterprises that need to protect their information, people and networks from the growing pool of cyber attacks.

The NetAbstraction Story

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