• Barbara M. Hunt

    Founder and Chief Executive Officer

    Ms. Hunt brings 20+ years in the Intelligence Community (IC) with experience in the fields of cyber, information, and telecommunications technology and operations. Ms. Hunt has led the technical development to date and is the inventor on NetAbstraction’s three patents.

  • Michael J. Sever

    Chief Technology Officer

    Mr. Sever brings 33 years of experience with the Central Intelligence Agency in the fields of cyber development, technical collection and telecommunications. Mr. Sever is responsible for all technical development.

  • Kristen H. Lynch

    Chief Financial Officer

    Ms. Lynch is responsible for the company financials and operational infrastructure, which has been tailored to support customer requirements.

  • Andrew W. Hunt, Jr.

    Product Manager

    Mr. Hunt leads the company Product Management practice, where he is responsible for product strategy, marketing and business development of NetAbstraction.

  • Winston

    Office Mascot

    With over 2 years of “professional” experience, Winston closely guards our corporate office in Virginia. He can be found attempting to bury his bones under the conference room table or greeting customers and team in the lobby. Winston truly keeps us on a short leash.