Innovators of the Next Generation

of Network Privacy and Identity Protection

The Company

NetAbstraction, Inc. is an Internet and cyber security firm that offers services that lower your organization’s systems “visibility” as a target on the Internet.

Our company name, NetAbstraction, is derived from a very simple concept in the real world and in computer programming. Abstraction‘s main goal is to handle complexity by hiding unnecessary details from the user. Really simple – abstraction is hiding stuff! The philosophy of NetAbstraction, Inc. is to provide privacy and security to our customers’ network by protecting their identity.

NetAbstraction has been recognized multiple times for our innovation and we were featured in the 2017 Fintech Innovation Lab – a selective cohort of technology companies groomed for growth in the financial services industry.

The NetAbstraction Story

Meet the team.

Challenge Coins

Challenge Coins began with the military and are awarded to individuals as tokens of appreciation for a job well-done, usually for excellent service in conducting their assigned duties, often in support of a very special mission or for a significant achievement. Today, many organizations use Challenge Coins as a long-lasting, highly-collectible way to show allegiance anytime, anyplace.

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Our management comes from backgrounds working for the federal government, enabling capabilities to support several U.S. Intelligence Community missions.

  • Barbara M. Hunt

    Founder and Chief Executive Officer

    Barbara brings 20+ years in the Intelligence Community (IC) with experience in the fields of cyber, information, and telecommunications technology and operations. Ms. Hunt has led the technical development to-date and is the inventor on the three patents.

  • Michael J. Sever

    Chief Technology Officer

    Mike brings 33 years of experience with the Central Intelligence Agency in the fields of cyber development, technical collection and telecommunications. Mr. Sever is responsible for all technical development.

  • Joshua C. Morris

    Senior Vice President, Sales

    Josh brings 20+ years sales and management experience in developing in the cyber security and technology space. He is responsible for sales and go-to-market strategy.

  • Kristen H. Lynch

    Chief Financial Officer

    Kristen is responsible for the company financials and operational infrastructure, which has been tailored to support customer requirements.

  • Andrew W. Hunt, Jr.

    Product Manager

    Drew leads the company Product Management practice, where he is responsible for product strategy, marketing and business development of NetAbstraction.

  • Winston

    Office Mascot

    With over 2 years of “professional” experience, Winston closely guards our corporate office in Virginia. He can be found attempting to bury his bones under the conference room table or greeting customers and team in the lobby. Winston truly keeps us on a short leash.

NetAbstraction Expertise

NetAbstraction’s extensive expertise is rooted in the U.S. Intelligence Community. Our backgrounds are in offensive and defensive cyber, protection of user identities, as well as innovative engineering to implement networks in support of clandestine communications.

With substantial experience in offensive cyber operations and in designing, creating and implementing non-traditional, non-attributable telecommunications networks, we have a deep understanding of the current state-of-the-art technologies. We are innovating and providing the next generation of network privacy and identity protection capabilities while understanding, first-hand, the challenges our customers face when meeting today’s cyber and privacy needs.

NetAbstraction is uniquely designed to provide top-tier solutions for enterprise customers

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