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Remote workers compromise

your communications' 

Protect your network identity and online activity with our

unique carrier-class security and privacy overlay.

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Business isn't stopping,

even if more of your people
are working remotely.

While businesses are scrambling to address the current crisis, and keep their communications and data safe, they should also be looking at the long-term effects of managing an online workforce that will be exposing the enterprise’s network security.

Will there be a permanent paradigm shift? Even as some workers go back to reporting to offices and other work locations, will there still be a significant number who choose to work from home?

You need to proactively protect your remote workers' online identity for now and the long-term.

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Networks and cloud infrastructures were already straining under

increased cyber vulnerabilities and attacks

Cloud Vulnerabilities

Are company CISOs (Chief Information Security Officers) aware of the vulnerabilities of the networks they are using to transmit valuable and proprietary data through their chosen communications networks?

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Network Vulnerabilities

Recent cyber activity now suggests that it isn’t just networks that are vulnerable to cyber attacks. A 2019 year-end article in the Wall Street Journal identifies Chinese cyber attackers that were found lingering in the cloud, collecting data.

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If they can’t find you…

they can't attack you™

Netabstraction is different from
other vendor solutions.

We disguise and protect your enterprise presence and privacy with our unique carrier-class secure network. We are the only network solution that protects your enterprise identity, and provides additional privacy and security for your communications on the Internet.
NetAbstraction makes your business a difficult target for hackers, search engine optimization companies and adversaries by dynamically shifting network communications. NetAbstraction’s Identity-Protected Internet Access (IPIA) provides user-protected access to the Internet, secure two-way communications and protected hosting.

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Protect your remote data transfer and communications by

obscuring your network communications pathways between your enterprise, your branch offices, the Internet, and the Cloud


Protect your remote data transfer and communications by

reducing and distributing your attack surfaces


Protect your remote data transfer and communications by

disguising and dynamically shifting your online activity, making it harder for cyber criminals to identify you


Protect your remote data transfer and communications by

increasing privacy and security for you and your organization/staff


How NetAbstraction Works for Remote Employees and

Protects the Enterprise Network

Most networks and VPNs are fixed, static, and easy to locate. Users at home are an easier target for attackers.

Enable remote work with total privacy and security over any network connection. Information is delivered privately and securely to its final destination.

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Find out how you can

protect your remote workers and your enterprise identity

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