If They Can’t Find You...They Can’t Attack You™

NetAbstraction’s secure and private network disguises and protects your organization’s network keeping your data, communications, and people safe on the Internet and in the Cloud.

NetAbstraction is a patented, cloud-based service that obscures and varies our customer’s network pathways in order to protect their identity, sensitive data, and critical systems. NetAbstraction reduces our customer’s cyber attack profile and protects networks, communications, applications, and data between the Enterprise, the Internet, and the Cloud.

If they can’t find you, they can’t attack you.™

NetAbstraction Solutions

  • Network Privacy as a Service

    Securing Digital Transformation – Augment or replace existing WAN connections to reduce cost, while increasing privacy, security, and flexibility.

  • NetEnclave - Isolated Protected Hosting

    Secure sensitive data and host applications in a disguised fashion with controlled access and non-traceable connectivity.

  • NetAssured - Crisis Communications

    Provide protected, highly resilient, non-affiliated communications during crisis events.

  • Identity Protected Internet Access

    Securely examine threats, conduct research online, and enable cyber activities without attribution to you.

About Us

NetAbstraction protects identities and systems by intelligently selecting and obscuring global network pathways of the Internet. Developed from roots in the Intelligence Community - NetAbstraction’s technology is born from our expertise in designing, creating, and implementing non-traditional and non-attributable telecommunication networks in support of critical Intelligence Community missions. Now, that same technology is available to customers who need to protect their information, people, and networks from the growing pool of cyber attacks.