Support - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Account

NetAbstraction is a corporate or enterprise level service. Company representatives can apply for an account online via our home page or by using our contact page. To apply we will need to know your company’s name and contact information, to include the name of a designated corporate representative. Once approved, we will work with the corporate representative to establish company accounts for the authorized individual users.

At this time, NetAbstraction only provides services for Corporate or Enterprise users. We do not support private individual accounts. Please have a company representative contact us to establish a corporate account and establish access for specific company users.

Your registration and any other information you may provide us is treated as protected, private company information which we use only to maintain your account, communicate with you, and establish your requested service. Except if legally mandated, we will not disclose your information to third parties. Please see our Privacy Policy statement.

We do not release Privacy information to any third party, to include our service providers or our service acquisition intermediaries. If legally mandated, we will fully cooperate with law enforcement officials investigating illegal internet activities. Please see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use agreement for prohibited activities.

FAQ - Services

NetAbstraction provides identity protected access to the internet, disassociated and relationship protected secure two-way VPN connectivity, and support for dispersed and distributed data hosting within the cloud infrastructure. Our capabilities include secure, varied, and non-apparent network connectivity and a range of identity management and persona attribution options to alter or reduce your cyber profile.

The IP address associated with your access to the internet is the IP address assigned by the commercial cloud provider to the end node account that we have established. It is a commercial IP address registered to the service provider and reassigned internally by them to our account holder. The IP address will also reflect the physical geo-location point from where the internet access is occurring; e.g. from the west coast of the U.S.

Fundamentally, NetAbstraction provides internet connectivity that is securely transferred through various intermediaries and multiple network providers to access the internet with a different identity and from a different location than those of the originating user. It protects your true identity and your actual location. A key part of the protection strategy is to also dynamically shift the routing between the intermediaries and the service providers on a periodic basis so that users are not a static, fixed, target. The NetAbstraction service, however, will not protect you from activities that you conduct on the internet, e.g. visiting a website that might contain viruses or malware. As an additional feature of our service, we also include a security enhanced browser that helps protect your corporate system from exposure to threats that may have been inadvertently acquired while routinely operating on the internet by isolating these threats and “wiping”/eliminating them at the end of each browser session.

Your individual content or activities are not encrypted unless you decide to encrypt the material and provide the capability. NetAbstraction does not touch or otherwise monitor your content or activities while using our transportation services. NetAbstraction does, however, provide secure (encrypted) tunnels to transport your communications. We are an outer layer of security to protect your identity and network pathway.

FAQ - Support

As part of our subscription service, we provide free technical support for issues involving the NetAbstraction transportation, routing, and functionality of the access portals for our services. If needed, we can provide technical support, for a fee, to assist with customer configuration and design that may be needed to integrate customer systems and/or legacy data into the NetAbstraction services.

Initially, we will be providing technical support M-F from 08:00 to 5:00pm EDT and on an “on call” basis at nights and over the weekends for emergency or critical mission needs.

Please use our technical support e-mail system, which is found on our website and under the support tab.

We will generate an auto-reply message upon receipt of a support request to confirm that we have received the message/”trouble ticket”. Additional communications will be initiated upon review by our technical support staff. Final resolution will depend upon assessment of the individual issues identified but we will endeavor to resolve the problem as soon as possible. As part of our response, we may also provide a telephone number to help us resolve issues in person and in real time.

FAQ - Payments & Billing

NetAbstraction is priced on the basis of a monthly subscription fee, which includes a specified data usage level, and then on a “metered” actual data usage basis. For some services, there is also an initial setup cost to support dedicated or unique customer requirements. Please contact us at for more specific information and pricing details.

NetAbstraction does not directly charge customer credit cards, we provide periodic invoicing with a replenishable “escrow account” type of service. Accounts are charged for the monthly per user subscriptions and the revolving account is debited on the basis of actual service provider usage charges. Terms of the billing process are established and documented as part of the account contract.

Accounts will be invoiced on a monthly basis unless otherwise specified when the account contract is established.

FAQ - Technical Difficulties

NetAbstraction will work with most standard commercial products and operating systems. If you have unique requirements, please contact our technical support staff.

NetAbstraction does not work on the basis of a virtualized desktop. If you cannot see your personal desktop, please contact your corporate IT staff. NetAbstraction does use an enhanced security browser to protect your systems and visibly indicate (with a green border) that you are secure connecting to the internet. If you cannot see the protected browser indicator, please contact our technical support for assistance.

Loss of a server or routing connection will appear as loss of internet access. Please close your enhanced security browser session, start a new session, and attempt to reaccess the internet. If the problem persists, please contact our technical support staff for assistance.